Bit by Bit Signal Processing Demo 1

A New Tool on your Bench

BxB_Demo_1 is a capability demonstration available from Bit by Bit Signal Processing. It turns a ZCU111 into a basic Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, and Network Analyzer. This allows you to make measurements of both signals and filters. Signals can be viewed in time or frequency. Filter transfer functions can be measured with views of their amplitude, phase, and group delay characteristics. Attenuators can be measured. Cable delays can be measured.

The signal processing is exceptionally accurate, far exceeding the analog accuracy of the ZCU111, for beautiful results. However, the demo is somewhat limited by the hardware in regards to signal measurement accuracy and linearity. Stock ZCU111's also do not have good analog filtering to remove interference from frequencies above half the sampling rate, and this imposes limitations. These issues are undesirable for truly accurate measurements, but they can be viewed with high accuracy, which is a good thing if you want to understand signal path effects for the ZCU111's ADCs and DACs.

BxB_Demo_1 is available for free 30-day evaluation at the download link below. After 30 days, if you like it the cost is currently US$200.

Please write if you have questions or comments, or have trouble downloading the demo.

Download Link: MD5 Checksum: 16d59bcf8f1ba40679f15bb62a9d008d

Video Introduction to BxB Demo 1:

Video of an older version, back when it was Oscilloscope-only: