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A business designing and supporting IP for signal processing applications.

BxBFFT Version 5.0, supporting Xilinx and Altera FPGAs

The BxBFFT is an amazing high-speed streaming FFT.  Some of its advantages:

The BxBFFT is well-suited for digital signal processing applications where the sample rate is many times the FPGA clock rate, such as cellular backhaul, radar systems, spectral switches, high-bandwidth beamformers, radio telescopes, test and measurement systems, analog system simulators, high-speed radios, and communication satellites.  It now supports multiple FPGA vendors, and is suitable for ASIC implementation.  For more information, see its overview page BxBFFT or product pages:  BxBFFT-Xillinx-Ultrascale and BxBFFT-Altera-Agilex7.


This Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, and Network Analyzer application demonstrates the BxBFFT in operation.  It shows the BxBFFT operating flawlessly at real time rates on 5GHz bandwidths, with processing noise below the noise floor, at more than 100dBFS down.   It's also a useful application in its own right.  For more details, see its product page:  BxBApp.

Channelizer Tutorial

Bit by Bit Signal Processing is happy to provide a tutorial on derivation of the Polyphase Filter Bank (PFB) Channelizer.  This may help advanced customers understand how to use and analyze Bit by Bit's upcoming channelizer product.  Alternately, channelizer consulting is available.  The tutorial is available on the Tutorials page.

About us

Bit by Bit Signal Processing was founded by Ross Martin in 2018, after a career designing hardware and algorithms for processing data for radar systems, optical imaging systems, and satellite communication systems.  The business supplies Intellectual Property  supporting these applications.

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