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Free Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, and Oscilloscope Demo for the ZCU111 FPGA Board

Bit by Bit Signal Processing is happy to provide BxB_Demo_1, which turns a Xilinx ZCU111 FPGA board into a useful lab instrument. The demo allows you to characterize the ZCU111's ADCs and DACs, measure and match cable and filter delays, measure filter magnitude and phase characteristics, generate sine and random noise signals, and observe signals in time or frequency. The demo is available on the BxB Demo 1 tab. It has free 30-day evaluation, and currently costs $200 if you wish to keep using it after 30 days. It's simple to set up. It works with DisplayPort Monitor+mouse, or with a touchscreen DisplayPort monitor, or using a web browser over the web. For questions, send an email to

Version 2.0 of the BxBFFT

The BxBFFT is an amazing high-speed streaming FFT. It is one of the most resource-efficient in the world, one of the fastest, and one of those that supports the widest range of sizes and options (but not flow control). It's well-suited for digital signal processing applications where the sample rate is many times the FPGA clock rate, such as cellular backhaul, radar systems, spectral switches, high-bandwidth beamformers, radio telescopes, test and measurement systems, analog system simulators, and communication satellites. For more information, see its product page: BxBFFT. Also recognize that all information isn't on these pages. If you're looking for an FFT that meets some specific need or requirement, please contact us at

Channelizer Tutorial

Bit by Bit Signal Processing is happy to provide a tutorial on derivation of the Polyphase Filter Bank (PFB) Channelizer. This may help advanced customers understand how to use and analyze Bit by Bit's upcoming channelizer product. Alternately, consulting is available. The tutorial is available on the Tutorials page.

Upcoming products

  • Polyphase Filter Bank (PFB) Channelizers

  • Slower FFTs, for use as numeric coprocessors

  • Upsampling and downsampling filters

  • Lowpass and Interpolating filters

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